India’s Push for an Upgrade in Healthcare Services

Ankit Kedia | 02 Nov 2019


India, our motherland, consists of a vast number of healthcare services, institutions, and schemes, put into place by the Government. Due to this, India is explicitly growing and seeing continuous enhancements in the field of healthcare, where both the market size of the industry, as well as the investments made in healthcare, are increasing rapidly. This change in the Healthcare industry has been taking shape, gradually, since the year 2014.

It is expected that the market size of the segment will increase up to Rs. 8.6 trillion, by 2020.  This analysis of expected growth in healthcare, in India, is provided by the ‘Modi Government’– a Government that has taken significant action in making India a better, healthier place to live. There have been crucial investments made in healthcare services by the Government, in the form of implementing new healthcare policies, setting up medical device and equipment manufacturing units, etc.

In order to better understand what the Government is doing to elevate the Healthcare sector in India, we need to take a look at the initiatives implemented by the Government to create a hassle-free medical care system, which caters to different segments and varying groups of people.

SEPT, 2017 National Nutrition Mission (NNM)
NOV, 2017 Affordable Medicines and Reasonable Implants for Treatment (AMRIT)
DEC, 2017 National Medical Commission Bill
SEPT, 2018 Ayushman Bharat
SEPT, 2018 Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY)

(Source: Ministry of Commerce & Industry)

The Indian Government’s contribution towards the Medical Sector

The Modi Government has initiated the National Nutrition Mission (NNM), which ensures to make India, a malnutrition-free country, by 2020. This mission mainly promotes nutrition among poor children and women, across the country.

In November 2017, millions of Indians felt the benefits of AMRIT, a Government led plan that helped people procure pharmaceutical products at affordable prices.

PM Modi also launched the “Ayushman Bharat Yojana” scheme, in September, 2018, which is considered to be the highest sponsored ‘Yojana’ by a government, in the recent past. This Yojana aims to provide healthcare facilities to people in rural and urban households. The implementation of these policies have made our country one of the top destinations for high-end medical treatment and diagnostic services. When it comes to providing the public with medical schemes and policies, the thing that resonates in people’s minds is the ‘price of treatment’. Which is essentially trying to obtain the best treatment at a minimal cost and believe it or not; the ‘Modi Government’ has made it a reality.

The pricing system in India for healthcare units is governed by Ayushman Bharat Yojana, which aims to control pricing by creating regulatory changes in the health sector, allowing pharmacies to sell good quality medicine, at a subsidized price. The Government is also actively connecting various pharmacies to hospital chains, in order to create a possibility to make prices low by maintaining the quality of the pharmaceutical drugs.

Beneficiaries of the Health Policies

To help the public with various healthcare policies, the Government initiated the Ayushman Yojana, which will give benefits to families that are vulnerable and in need, especially those from the rural parts of India.

According to a Statistical analysis (present below), the benefits from Ayushman Yojana will protect around one hundred million families in rural India. In figure 1, we can see that beneficiaries are estimated to increase every week, and it has also been observed that there were more than 8.9 lakh beneficiaries, within a year.

The coverage through this policy to the public will stand at 5 lakh rupees per family, which will include all health-related treatment options. Our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has shown his concerns about the fact that it is essential to first give treatment and care to people, rather than large amounts of paperwork. Which is why, all hospital formalities related to this Yojana will be completely ‘cashless and paperless’.

Figure 1: Ayushman Yojana Beneficiaries

Indeed, a successful initiative by the Indian Government!

We live in a land full of opportunities, blessed to be under the guidance of a Government that has brought various healthcare policies and plans, to the country. Research and Development from the healthcare sector suggest that there will be positive trends in the medical industry, in the years to come.

The future of the health sector in India, will see people being able to afford various kinds of treatments and address different ailments, with ease. Soon, all Indians will be able to afford medical care, which will help enrich Indian pharmaceuticals, and in turn boost the country’s GDP.

The government has started a vast initiative that has already benefitted millions and will keep on enriching of the people of India.