Intra Oral Lighting

eBite is a wireless and rechargeable intraoral lighting system, specially designed for dental examinations with absolute patient safety. Approved by the US FDA and CE.

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An intraoral lighting solution that enables optimal dental examination and provides enough illumination inside the mouth cavity for performing various dental operations.

  • Wireless & Rechargeable

    Large 65-inch monitor with 4K resolution for better visualisation and rendering

  • Autoclavable Bite Block

    The bite block offers natural support to both the top and bottom row of teeth and helps patients keep their mouth open, comfortably.

  • LED Light

    The bright LED light sheds directly over the operation spot and increases the level of accuracy in complex operations such as implants.

  • Suction Function (Optional)

    Integrated suction helps in maintaining a wide intraoral workspace for clear examination.

Olberon specialises in creating easy-to-use medical innovations that aid existing medical procedures, to improve efficiency for medical practitioners and provide a better experience for patients, at reduced costs.


  • Otorhinoscope

  • Tourniquets

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The Otorhinoscope

A dual-purpose, handheld device that adds another dimension to the traditional Otoscope and Rhinoscope. This essential examination and diagnostic tool, for both the ear and nasal cavities, can be especially helpful while implanting hearing aids.

  • Twice the Insight

    The spreadable speculum enables monitored dilation of the aural and nasal passages.

  • Improved pathology detection and cure 

    The bite block offers natural support to both the top and bottom row of teeth and helps patients keep their mouth open, comfortably.

  • Better hygiene 

    The patented speculum is disposable, eliminating the need for sterilisation and minimising the concerns about potential infection control associated with traditional devices used in ear and nasal examination.

  • Value for money 

    The in-built light and the single-use spreadable speculum does away with the requirement of multiple Otoscope parts and a separate Rhinoscope/Nasocope, hence greatly reducing the overall cost.

  • Suitable for simple operations 

    Easy-to-use and equally suitable for GPs and ENT specialists to conduct ear and nasal examinations.

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A latex-free, single-patient tourniquet designed to aid intravenous needle insertion for medical procedures such as cannulation, blood collection and drug delivery. It aids healthcare professionals in finding targeted veins and offers an easier experience to patients with inaccessible veins, by enhancing the preparation of the vein itself.

  • Easy venous access

    The Vacuderm uses a vacuum pump that amplifies its tourniquet effect through a suction and pump mechanism. This makes it easier to achieve venous access, be it with an IV catheter or a blood sampling kit.

  • A true life-saver 

    The Vacuderm is a pain saving, cost saving, time saving, quick release disposable tourniquet that can be extremely useful in various hospital departments, phlebotomy clinics and for home-care nurses. In cases of accidents and emergencies, where time is of the essence, easier and faster venous access may even be life-saving!

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