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Surgical & protective equipment. Innovative medical devices for diagnosis.


Here at Caremont LLP, our fundamental offering is simple – we import, resell and distribute high-end medical devices, equipment, and consumables, such as sterilisation wrap, insulin pens, protective apparel, anaesthesia products, catheters, surgical drapes, surgical masks, surgical gloves, surgical gowns and more.

Medtech Devices

The rise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has given us the potential to fundamentally transform the field of healthcare. As technology and science advance, we can soon expect to see faster disease detection, higher accuracy in diagnosis, targeted therapy and significant improvement in personalised medicine. With this in mind, Caremont LLP will be investing in wearables and other medtech devices supported by AI, ML and IoT to create meaningful patient care solutions.

We represent the following companies for the distribution of a range of surgical products, as well as the exclusive distribution rights for an array of other OEMs.

Walkolution – Revolutionizing office culture, one step at a time!
Sitting for long hours at an office desk, year after year, can seriously affect the health and fitness of the body.
Walkolution is a cutting-edge solution that brings fitness to the workspace, revolutionizing the way you work. It enables you to complete over 10,000 steps a day, at a comfortable pace, all while you’re still working. Walkolution is Made in Germany, brought to India and to you, exclusively by Caremont.

Sectra Education is an interactive learning and teaching platform that uses real-life anatomy and clinical cases, to enable critical thinking in medical education. Through this cloud-based portal teachers, tutors, and students can gain access to an in-depth library of medical cases, providing them with a variety of clinical content to learn from. The Sectra Education Portal combines anatomy, pathology, trauma, orthopedics, histology, oncology, surgery and other specialties, thereby grounding medical education in actual clinical experiences, as well as revealing the central role of radiology and histology in patient pathways. Sectra’s collaborative network will give you and your institution the ability to share and exchange knowledge with other Sectra users, from around the world. Caremont LLP is the primary distribution partner for Sectra, in India.

Halyard Health, formerly known as Kimberly-Clark Health Care, and now a part of Owens & Minor – deals with medical equipment, such as sterilisation wrap, facial protection, gloves, protective apparel, surgical drapes and gowns, in over 100 countries.

Caremont LLP is one of Halyard Health’s distribution partners. We supply their equipment to various healthcare institutions including Aster, Columbia Asia, Sakra World Hospital, Shanti Hospitals, Sagar Hospitals and more.

Avanos Medical, Inc. is a medical technology company which delivers clinical medical device solutions to partners around the world. The organisation consists of two primary divisions – ‘Pain Management’ and ‘Chronic Care’. They address reducing dependence on opioids, while helping patients recover faster and preventing infections. They have 8 principal medical device production facilities, with over 4,500 employees worldwide. Avanos supplies its products to more than 90 countries. Caremont LLP is one of their primary distribution partners.

Olberon Ltd is a medical innovations, design and development company, based in Nottingham, UK. They specialise in venous access and diagnostic devices, with an aim to develop innovative medical device concepts that originate from direct, first-hand experiences, in patient care. Their new-age approach to healthcare, gives Olberon the ability to create truly useful innovations that significantly improve a practitioners efficiency and provide a better experience for the patient. With easy-to-use designs that aid medical procedures and reduce overall costs, they’re changing the field of medical care, one step at a time. Caremont LLP is an exclusive distribution partner of Olberon Ltd.