Sectra Terminals

Ergonomic, multi-display workstations that let students and teachers access the Sectra Education Portal and its contents for engaging group lectures.

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Sectra Virtual Dissection Table

The Sectra Table is a multi-display virtual cadaver dissection table, which allows students and teachers access to the cloud-based Sectra Education Portal and its contents, as well as information on the human anatomy, for engaging group lectures. The Sectra Table functions just like a smartphone - simply touch the screen and you can interact with any image intuitively.

The Sectra Education Portal i.e. Cloud Library enables a unique concept for sharing patient cases, teaching content and relevant knowledge with other universities. This gives the university a chance to emerge as leaders in knowledge sharing. The Sectra Table supports group discussions and collaborations that are essential for team-based learning. For example, a teacher and a group of students can gather around the Sectra Table to discuss medical images, where control can easily be transferred from one person to another.

The Sectra Table can be tilted at different angles to accommodate groups of varying sizes and also makes for the perfect addition to comprehensive clinical training and skill labs.

It is widely used in India by a variety of government and private medical colleges, including the coveted AIIMS group of Institutions.

Key features:

  • Large 65-inch monitor with 4K resolution for better visualisation and rendering
  • Direct capacitive monitor, easy access to all types of medical images including pathology
  • Easy preparation of cases from any connected computer
  • Access to cases, quizzes and more from any laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Makes a great addition to Simulation/Skill Labs

Sectra Education Portal Lite

In order to continue the education of medical students during this Covid-19 pandemic, Sectra has created an ‘Online Learning platform’

It consists of a premium selection of recommended medical cases in Clinical Anatomy, Histology, Morphology, Embryology and Cadaver dissection, all at the tip of your fingers. EP lite is a subscription service of our existing cloud library, the Sectra Education Portal. This cloud-based platform has already proven its effectiveness in medical education worldwide, with its ever expanding database of real-case medical images that you can easily interact with and share. It also includes important features for remote medical education, designed for both teachers and students.

Key Features

  • Cost is as low as Rs.1500/- per student per year

  • Remote learning in the real world

  • Easy-to-use and navigate (no training required)

  • Integrated guidelines for students and teachers

  • Allows remote teaching for multiple students

  • Allows for multiple users and is easy to roll out to different groups of students

  • Entirely web-based, designed for use on any device including Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops etc.

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