Walkolution is Made in Germany, brought to India and to you, exclusively by Caremont.


Reinventing your Workspace

Introducing the world's first noiseless, non-electric walking treadmill designed for workspaces. 100% human-powered, non-motorised, gravity-driven design, whisper-silent and ultra-ergonomic.

Walkolution treadmill desks are engineered for zero distraction and seamless integration into normal work routines.



Work where you want, when you want to.

Walkolution is compatible with and can be transported to a multitude of settings; a single workplace, an open office design, a creative zone or a place to attend phone calls. These treadmill desks are equipped with four wheels that make relocation as easy as moving a chair

Stand. Walk. Rest. Repeat!

The body works best when you can change your posture intuitively.
Working while walking enables just that!

Walkolution is designed such that users can walk, stop or lean back on an integrated back-support, whenever they please. Unlike a conventional stand-up desk, changes in position on a Walkolution system are smooth and occur subconsciously.



Variable Configurations for all needs

Walkolution products are built for maximum flexibility. Components can be detached in a few steps, which makes transportation easier and allows for individual configuration. Additional components can also be integrated later, if required.


Adjustable Engineering

Our systems adapt to you, not the other way around. A built-in sliding mechanism within the table allows for intuitive and distraction-free use, while you focus on your work.


The Meet and Walk Series

With Walkolution's Meet and Walk series, you can combine several treadmill desks and conduct your meetings while walking.


Connection Modules

The Meet and Walk connection modules allow you to combine any number of devices. Based on your office space, you can choose a circular configuration, a constellation where desks face each other or any other formation that suits requirements.


Sustainable Style

Walkolution treadmills are made without harming the environment. We use sustainable techniques, natural materials, high-tech manufacturing methods and meticulous craftsmanship to ensure that our products are built to last forever.

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